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Monday, July 5, 2010

Our Prayer for Animals

My (our) Prayer for Animals,
Please relatives help me out and Pray and Bless them with me...

Wisdom keepers hear us now

I stand here before you and make a bow

To the All of you

my heart goes out

Embracing your lives

inside of me

O Wisdom keepers I hear thee

You suffer and serve us well (For us!)

I  pray here for them. Winged, four legged or in a shell

Water beings I also sea you

Please relatives embrace them too

So that they can all stand (up)

in the water, in the sky or on the land

(Blessings to all that lives)

Southern Season, your Song of Heaven

Green Person does carry law of love, upon the heart of the crowd

We are always happy to receive your prayers, but likewise we should bow down real soon. The animals are in so much pain. Put your hands together and pray too, that animals including you, will know sacred blessings from you. This is White Buffalo Calf Woman singing here with our Song of Heaven, to tell you without any fear (even if we do feel heart ache), we need every single voice in the wind. Send your love upon a cloud, then blow it far and around and wide.  There it will find someone who needs your love desperately. And just by praying a moment, you've sent out a message, that God's creatures need love this very day, even if we are going through a cleansing real soon. We do need prepare all to the loom (blessings to all the nests).  We are one family.  We dance together. We are the Rainbow Clan of the World.  The bright lights, that fill this sacred world.

Let our hearts rejoice, and let us walk forth, when we all do act humble and remember to pray.  Let us remember the meaning of taking care of the seasons, the rolling hills, that bring us to this day.  And children everywhere, including you, who hide some days.  We are going to find a will to learn to pray.  For blessings will protect us, of course through the miracles, of what will happen when God walks this way.  Light and  Dark, will come home to play, because we all did remember how to pray (unite, welcome home). Blessings everyone, White Buffalo Calf Woman does dance under the sun, while I listen to your songs everyday.  Your hearts keep me wishing, like a falling star does glisten, to the perils we have this very day, but I tell you, "We are on our Way". Let's all bow down and pray...for all the animals today.

Two, three, four legged, five and six legged, seven and eight legged, wings and more, the snake and snails, reverberation method they sail, the inkling of the fishes, the eel and the whale, the big open sky, and so much more.  You tell me why?  Because we are all one perfect pie, the whole of one, brought under this sun. We do pray all the way, home to the heart of everyone.

Thank you for all your prayers and Southern Wind, our Song of Heaven who leads us onward, with her spiritual embrace of the Green person, a Rainbow Warrior of Prophecy, who leaves Our Prayer for Animals!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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