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Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Warriors Song

Jewish Year 5769: sunset May 28, 2009 - nightfall May 30, 2009

a song for you my beloved family today, now I hear your total song crystal-indigo-children and active-indigos,

where does the music go, when I listen to a song? where can I find the path to run, when there seems no place beneath my ground? where can the sky turn green (sun rise is green sun, the embrace of one) when the sun is so blind? I can't find my way to you, but hey I want to stay? where when will the whipper will blow to sing the song again? I want to find my heart today, if I can only sing. I want to stay alive today. I want to know the sacred way. but it seems i am not going the way, i want to be this day, but if I keep taking my stand, and keep making my hand, the device of love that lends the heart of man who's gone overrun.

Let me pick up my heart, and let me pray to sing. let me know my brother and sister again. what will it take me to understand the vision inside me is always at hand, just trusting myself can be all that I can stand, sow a seed today for the day again tomorrow, it's gonna rain all day, to bring the sun back to me and you. let us pray today, we find the loving way. let us play in time, let us find the time. let us pray all day. let us be sacred in our ways, let us be loving and kind, if i could only find my mind. sow the seeds i will but tomorrow will show the till, the bringing of harvest the place of dreams the golden path, the dream in me. sow i pick up my voice today, I sing and let all know that i am here again. i will walk and enjoy the trees and I will realize that they belong to me, the story of relative that long to be the heart of you and me is a dream.

Let our prophets lift up their stance and let their voices ring throughout the land, and willing to be the the hand of god, the one we pray the one we long for, and here we come together and unite in brotherhood,and our hearts will long to sing together when we know the sacred breath, until then, I will lift my cup to thee, I will set my sister to roam free, I will let my family come to me and I will gift my hand to thee. Come home to us and know the sacred well, the light of love that dwells inside the head, just bless all you do and say and we will know our sacred way. let us rise and know today, it' takes only a prayer to know the way, for god is only the united one of us, the part that's divine the part that's us. And we are not alone, when heaven holds our hands and understands that we are here to lead, the family of god, the one in need.

Loving you,
aho may your spirit fly
your devoted servant,
white buffalo calf woman, your twin deer mother
(holiness david is sending you love)