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Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Deer People Heart Song in Cayuga Heights

Beloved Relatives, Twin Deer Mother sings to show that your heart can grow and grow...for the Deer will lead the way, to God's perfect garden we do live...

How does the Grass Grow, but under the Sun's glow? (
yes) How does the sand blow, but inside the wind flows? (Yes) And when will the deer come to rescue the land home? (yes, I don't know) This is the times now, don't you know the wind blows? (Now!) But if you ask the Deer to go, how will your water shed live? The water will have to flow to where the Deer go. And if you think death will serve, then shoot all the herd. (you will have no water left for the water will follow the Deer to death, and your garden will die anyway, without the Deer) But did you ask the Deer, to not eat the tomato? (No) Did you ask the deer to not eat the blossom grow? (No) Did you ask the deer to come again another day? (No) Did you need to be this way, to shoot all of us dead instead? (No as if by force)

If you shoot my relative, then God will have to shoot you dead. (a life for a life it says in the bible) Do you think that you can be, the savior of liberty? (by killing relatives) Do you think that this will be the end of your misery? (No) Don't you know that the only way to grow, is if you start to ask the know? (get down on your knees and pray) Asking is the way to be, the gracious and loving tree. (as part of the family) The ones who know and believe, that God is here and stands and breaths. You are part of God inside and you will stop and look and hide. But what will the Deer be if you go inside to bleed? (flesh in pain) They will have to come to you, to save the land and rescue you. (as you peer out your window, the deer rescues you from your plight internally) If you take them all away, without even asking them, then you could be in the very mess, that you started to address. (a course taken has drawbacks, when there is exclusion)

You could be the
same as them, when others start to shoot your heads. (war could break loose, over tomatoes) Don't you think God comes to thee, who sheds blood religiously? (purifies you when you have gone astray, bringing law of the land, the red road, law of love) There is only one way home, and that is always of the tone, the questioner of always knows, that the answer is Gods heart told. And if we work together to see, if we could solve this perfectly. The Deer need have a voice you see, just ask them nicely not to eat, the blossoms and tomatoes leaves, if you tell them to eat the leaves.(instead) Ask them to eat the weeds of show, the ones that you did not want to grow. If you could work together tonight, then all would be out of the plight. (all would be saved the tomatoes, blossoms, deer people and human people) For one over other does not win. But working for all to begin, will hold the day of new again, the perfect remedy.

Ask the Deer what to do and they will come to answer you. Just believe that they can hear you too. Just ask them and they will do what's told. But if you don't take care of them, how will they come to rescue you? I say, instead look inside your heart and know that God has a plan. To love each other till the end, and find a way to begin, to grow and play while all does win, the days of love will begin again. Just ask and you will see, the beloved and deer will be, the perfect guest wh
o eats the weeds, and leaves the blossoms for you to see. Just ask my love, and bring them love, and you will find them all ungloved, to destroying your precious fruit from above, that was shed of light that grows this day. They did not know it was not for them, it looked like it was planted there. If you could only speak to them (the deer in the yard), then maybe we could all win!

The truth is always hard to see, when we have so many recipes, but if we try to listen to, the very ones who we accuse! Let the deer know how, they can start the bow (
to be humble, serving you), the dance of sharing and knowing how to win. For all could be one big happy family, if we could only ask and sea (vision with the heart). Give it a chance communicate, with Nature and all it holds, the heart of you the heart of me, let's not destroy more of those, of gardens grow upon the land. Let us learn instead to dance, the Golden way of brotherhood. Communicating Love that grows, where all come home and win instead.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother on behalf of the Deer People in
Deer represents the journey of our lives. If we shoot the deer then we shoot our own journey through the very Garden we are trying to preserve.)

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