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Monday, July 5, 2010

Black Chicken Teaches Today, While Southern Season Does Pray!

Beloved Relatives,
Today the Spirit of the Chickens came to me.

First of all I want to thank White Willow. It was indeed a good day. A good day to grieve. Thank you for that. Because of the message I gave myself, the chance to do that...

I feel a lot of hurt. Most chickens are not treated right in this consumption society. I see my own chickens running free on a big piece of land and next door two chickens on a small piece of land with next to it two chickens in a small cage. They can't hardly move. The neighbor bought them for his daughter when they just came out of the egg.

I saw them, they could not move so I offered my neighbor a bigger cage so that the animals could move again. I told him they need movement. So he took the cage. Now they are big still sitting in the cage. The other two chickens don't accept them. They fight with them.

The neighbor put them back in the small cage. It is now more then a month... The neighbor in his believe, in his way of living is convinced that he is doing the right thing. Food and water is enough for him.

But my heart is hurt. Seeing them sitting there. And I do not know what to do. I do not want to cause separation. He is a man who is feeling attacked really easily. We are all living in a kind of community. 5 houses in a row. With at the back a road that is from all of us an that leads to all the gardens. The kids play in each others gardens.  So I do not know what to do...

The chickens mirror me the prison where I am in. I do not feel free just like them. I understand how they feel. And my heart is hurt. I want to pray for them and I bless them and forgive the neighbor that he cannot see.

I ask advice my relatives and I ask to pray with me if you want to for all the animals who are locked up, who do not have space, who are not free.  Their souls have chosen these lessons to learn something, they teach
me(n) too...

I connected to their spirit inside of me and ask if they had something to say to me.  I could see my Black Chicken and I guess she spoke to me... This is what she said...

Black Chicken:  My dearest, thanks to concern about us. We came onto this earth to serve humanity. We provide food, we give them companion in a certain way.  It is not an easy task. See us. Watch us and learn.

We live in group, we look after each other. We mirror things from humans that they cannot see yet.

Haven't you noticed that I always have a talk with you? I would like you to speak you mind just like I do all this time when I see a human being. It is my task to speak out loud what is on my mind. My sister is silent. She is the inner voice. Quiet, not talking.

Southern Season: What about the neighbors chickens?

Black Chicken:  Haven't you noticed? My sisters won't let the small ones in. Selfish like behavior just like the people do.  Thinking about themselves.  Fighting for what they have. Their souls choose this. Let it be. (it's God)  
Southern Season sings:
I pray for thee
winged ones who are not free
Gratitude is what I express
for all the things you have done for us all
I know you where answering a call
Forgiveness is here on its place
Tears are running (down) on my face
Feel my embrace I give you my heart
So that we will never part

Thank You


Tania Southern Season, your Song of Heaven

Chicken/Cock/Hen's Wisdom Includes:
Power of voice
Understanding language
Pecking out the answers that escape others
Awakening powers at sunrise
Protection of family and community
Hearing your inner voice
Four Directions of the Wind
Black is the darkness of heaven, stillness and embrace

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

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