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Saturday, July 24, 2010

Horse Spirit Fly in the Wind

We bless you horses in spirit and in the flesh, 
we pray for you and ask forgiveness.

We thank you horses for showing us the way
That we have to walk today

Thank you for your protection and your care
Thank you for making us aware

of the power that we carry inside
The light within you shines so bright

The shadows of our soul
are easily been shown

When we look into your eyes
Fear and anxiety dies

We embrace your spirit dark and white
Thank you for 'the day', thank you for 'the night'

Southern Season, your Song of Heaven sings...

Horse Crazy WebRing

Hi Relatives,
I want to share my experiences with horses. As a kid I was always drawn to horses. And at the same time I was scared of them.  I made lots and lots of drawings with horses on.

The fear stayed as I got older.  My oldest daughter loves them very much. So she started horse riding.  I thought by myself I really need to conquer this fear so I decided to join her. The first horse was a calm one. And I discovered I had a natural talent for riding horses.
No one believed I had never been on a horse.

Second time it went wrong. I got another horse. The horse was nervous in a big way. I felt him. And I got nervous too. I saw then that there was something wrong with the straps. Inside of me I saw it. But I ignored. I thought it was just because I was nervous.  So I went for the ride on the horse. He got really nervous and with him me too.  He started to run fast and the straps broke at that moment. So I fell of the horse straight on my right shoulder. There is a burst in the bone.
I still feel it. Not fully healthy yet.

Later I found out I have had a live where I died while I was on the horse. Someone killed me while I was on the horse. That explains a lot of my fear. I was a Chinese woman, Shong Weh. I lived on the bottom of a mountain because my husband was a warrior and his group was in that mountain, Wudang mountain.  He had to go their a lot for training.  I was working with horses then.
It was a short but beautiful life except for the end. Anyway I found my husband again from back then and I married him again in this life :)

Later on. I thought horses do tell something. I found out that they are a symbol of power. Am I afraid of my own power I thought? So I went to a person who did horse therapy.  I went 3 times. And learned a lot.  I had to do meditation while I was standing between 5 horses. At first it did not go so well. Then I saw a group of horses inside.  The stallion was protecting the group. While the Merry was the boss.  The stallion came to me and invited me on his back. We went for a ride
in spirit. The freedom was awesome!!!

I worked with a Merry, and she showed me my sadness. It was hard to be confronted with it. She showed me also that I had the ability to feel others and at the same time influence others with my energy. She was nervous, I became nervous but as soon as I stepped in my own
energy she became calm!

Their was also a newborn. He showed me I had to say no sometimes. That I had to stand ground. He was grabbing my clothes all the time.  The stallion was fine with me. Totally relaxed.

Horses are big mirrors, direct mirrors. They mirror easily emotions.  I started to feel my inner horse. Wild, really wild and aggressive. Not tame at all. Full of fire and she was dark.  The more I worked (looked at her) with her the calmer she became and
the more white (star) she became.

I still feel her. I can touch her now. And there is a lot of love between us.  I can feel her now, writing about her. She puts her head against mine.

Blessed Be

Southern Season, your Song of Heaven shares

Horses show us the wind, the soul that flies, in all this sin.  To take us to the skies we gather and pray.  It's a soul, we do gather, because it's the way of matter, the darkness of heaven, does wind (wind like yarn) her way. We are bound together, the horse is the soul fountain, the one who is determined to fly.  To make a dream happen, a horse, does glisten, to be born in light once again. The soul does grow from within.

White Buffalo Calf Woman, our Twin Deer Mother sings...

Fly with the wind. Don't hold tight. It is time to take the flight, climb on my back.  I show you the way, to where you want to be. Take on your power it is a key, to move on your path that is destined to be. Have no fear, I am always near, whenever you need.  I will be your eyes and your feet.  Just stay open to me and you will feel completely free...

White Horse sings


"Stealing horses is stealing" was a statement made frequently in historical native America and a reference to the esteemed role which Horse played in the native cultures.

Horse is physical power and unearthly power. In shamanic practices throughout the world, Horse enables shamans to fly through the air and reach heaven.

Humanity made a great leap forward when Horse was domesticated, a discovery akin to that of fire. Before Horse, humans were earthbound, heavy-laden, and slow creatures indeed. Once humans climbed on Horse's
back, they were as free and fleet as the wind. They could carry burdens for great distances with ease. Through their special relationship with Horse, humans altered their self-concept beyond measure. Horse was the first animal medicine of civilization. Humanity owes an incalculable debt to Horse and to the new medicine it brought.  It would be a long walk to see one's brother or sister if Horse had not welcomed the two-legged rider upon its back. Today we measure the capacity of engines with the term "horsepower"' a reminder of the days when Horse was an honored and highly prized partner with humanity.

Dream-walker, a medicine man, was walking across the plains to visit the Arapaho Nation. He carried with him his pipe. The feather tied into his long black hair pointed to the ground, marking him as a man of peace. Over the rise of a hill, Dream-walker saw a herd of wild mustangs running toward him.

Black Stallion approached him and asked if he was seeking an answer on his journey. Black Stallion said, "I am from the Void where Answer lives. Ride on my back and know the power of entering the Darkness and
finding the Light." Dream-walker thanked Black Stallion and agreed to visit him when his medicine was needed in the Dream-time.

Yellow Stallion approached Dream-walker next and offered to take him to the East, where illumination lives. Dream-walker could share the answers he found there to teach and illuminate others. Once again, Dream-walker thanked Yellow Stallion and said he would use these gifts of power on his journey.

Red Stallion approached, rearing playfully. He told Dream-walker of the joys of balancing work and heavy medicine with the joyful experiences of play. He reminded Dream-walker that he could better hold the
attention of those he taught when humor was integrated with the lesson. Dream-walker thanked him and promised to remember the gift of joy.

Dream-walker was nearing his destination. The Arapaho Nation was close at hand. White Stallion came to the front of the herd. Dream-walker mounted White Stallion's back. White Stallion was the message carrier
for all the other horses, and represented wisdom in power. This magnificent horse was the embodiment of the balanced medicine shield. "No abuse of power will ever lead to wisdom," said White Stallion "You, Dream-walker, have made this journey to heal a brother in need, to share the sacred pipe, and to heal the Mother Earth. You have the knowledge through humility that you are an instrument of Great Spirit. As I carry you upon my back, you carry the needs of the people on yours. In wisdom, you understand that power is not given lightly but awarded to those who are willing to carry responsibility in a balanced manner."

Dream-walker, the shaman, had been healed by the visit of the wild horses, and knew that his purpose in coming to the Arapaho was to share these gifts with them.

In understanding the power of Horse, you may see how to strive for a balanced medicine shield. True power is wisdom found in remembering your total journey. Wisdom comes from remembering pathways you have
walked in another person's moccasins. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, and sharing your gifts, talents, and abilities are the gateways to power.

Horse is power physical power and unearthly power. Enter into the darkness to find the light you carry, the need of the people. You are a message carrier and the carrier of wisdom. Your power is not given lightly but awarded to those who are willing to carry responsibility in a balanced manner. Drive for a brilliant medicine shield. True power is found in remembering your total journey. True wisdom comes from walking in another person moccasin. Compassion, caring, teaching, loving, sharing your gift, talents and abilities are the gateway to power.

The Medicine Cards,  Written by Jamie Sams and David Carlson

Horse/Pony/Mustang's Wisdom Includes: Power, Stamina, Endurance, Faithfulness, Freedom to run free, Control of the environment, Awareness of power achieved with true cooperation, Inter-species communication, Expanding one’s own potential abilities, Friendship and Cooperation, Travel, Astral travel, Guardian of travelers, Warns of possible danger, Guide to overcoming obstacles.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Thank you animals for what you do for us each day.  Feed us, clothe us, give us comfort in all ways.  You are the protection that lives in our hearts.  Forever are you elders, of the soul and heart.  Animals, we love you always, for always delivering the heart that knows how to say, "I love you", when we look at your eyes.  We wonder, how we ever did hide.  And now it's time for us to return, the prayers that save our lives.  We bless you and bow down with prayers in our hearts.