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Monday, July 5, 2010

Let's Set Our Animals Free

Holiness David Running Eagle Sings for the Animals

Come my children, gather round my feet.  I will show you how to complete. We are one children the house that stands not alone, but together we are sacred and roam.  Come my children, dance around tonight, even if it's in your head of plights (dreams).  Come learn that we are the setting sun that needs disease, to carry us onwards to our home. (renegade in the second phase of evolution, to get to the top of the hill). We need to learn how to control our roam (journey down the valley of darkness,the third phase of evolution we do roam).

Now that we are risen to find a heart in you.  We need belong to all the leaves on the trees. Gift your time to satan (the one who suffers the most, including those who have not awakened), the one who needs relief (walking talking love does move the strong arm).  And fill the heart that does keep.  Help the neighbor, help the children.  Help the old ones, find relief.  Help your daughter. Help your sister. Help your father, brother, lover, it's time to keep. Help your mother. Help your enemy.  Help the one who doesn't know to stop hating thee.  And if we all did care about each other's affairs, then we could really be part of something free. We'd know how to bring love to thee.

Now it's time my little children, the animals everywhere. I come to beckon you to the rising sun and air.  The looming of the light has come home to find a right.  And soon we don't have to feel such despair.  But it's love that keeps us going without fear.  It's a place in your dreams, that carries disease. It's a place in your life, that longs to be without strife.  And when we overflow, to dance and gift the heart of chance, to make changes to the world at last.  Let us pray, we are all sacred rainbow's today.  Let my little children know, it's time for humble grow, the song of our prayers, do find you in the air.  We sing lullabies for you.  Now listen and dream of a new view.  We are going home to you.

Gather round my feet.  See the flowers grow.  Paradise within begins to snow.  Everywhere we look, there's blossoms that grow.  It will be a heart.  I will only sting like part, of one family tree.  The heart of you and me.  We are going to a place that sets us free.  Come let's play and dance in Galilee, the paradise, God gave to thee.  Let's find a way, to shed our tears in joy when we dream.

I will listen to your heartbeat each day.  I will know when it's time to pray.  I will feel what you need in all ways. I will come if you ask me, just ask me, please.  I will come in my soul that's free.  We will gather together you and me.  We are all animals, plants, rocks and breeze. We are related, to all our family.  Let us remember, that prayers set us free.  Come and walk with me.

Relatives everywhere, come walk the dance of prayer.  Come fill your heart, full of the art, of dancing with the relatives who are not free.  Let us pray, that God will relieve, the unspeakable acts, the unquestioning whips, the place, that is full of disease.  It's our heart if we please, look inside our hearts and sneeze.  Go over the rainbow bridge, to sea, that hearts belong to you and me.  We are relatives, who long to be free.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother, for the Heart of Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, our Father Red Hand.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Thank you animals for what you do for us each day.  Feed us, clothe us, give us comfort in all ways.  You are the protection that lives in our hearts.  Forever are you elders, of the soul and heart.  Animals, we love you always, for always delivering the heart that knows how to say, "I love you", when we look at your eyes.  We wonder, how we ever did hide.  And now it's time for us to return, the prayers that save our lives.  We bless you and bow down with prayers in our hearts.

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