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Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Heart of Earth, Heart of Heaven, Heart of Blue

The Song of the Heart

Elders Agenda Meeting

July 1, 2009

Holiness Running Eagle is finishing the walk about, blessing with fire as well as beating the drum today for us, the Elders of Heaven, Heaven, Heaven and Earth whom are devoted servants to the Sacred Hoops.


Heart of the Earth to the Heart of the Heaven

Winter Wonderland (Crystalline stream of light and sound, the Stone River and referred as Snow in many Songs of the Heart), how can I be standing here? Such a place to land, a Winter Wonderland. I am dreaming here, a perfect wonderland. And I invite you here to be here in Never land. WE are going home today. We are going here to stay. We are hoping heaven will come to hold our hands today. Take the breath and make a stand. Wake your heart and hold my hand. Don't think you need me, but serve me instead. For I am your warrior, who come in your stead. We are the chosen to give a hand to you, heaven come homeward and you will understand. Don't forget to reach inside when you tell us to. I for you need to look in there and find your loving blue. We are the family that belong to you and we are always going to hold your hand. But wonder I know you, the suffering at hand. It will not be easy, but you can hold my hand. We are here to walk together again. We are here to see each other again. We are knowing that you are standing there again. And when our hearts remember, all the love you have in your hands.

Heart of the Heaven to the Heart of the Earth

Heaven is here today, and always will be here the day of love that shine and leads the way. My heart lives liberty and I know love to thee, when you look up to thee and should only see. The valley down below are all but a show, a divine action play, and always here to stay. And I know always will come to day to play, and we will come again to save the day. We are the heaven sent, the loving light of God above below. We are the sides of you, we are the round of you, we are the sky and never die of you, will always be shy of, so you will always know the blue.

Our hearts long to be, with you and know liberty. We can hold arms to you and know God is here to choose, the ones who lead the way, the ones who come to say. God is here standing here and longs to play. But if you turn away from love, then our hearts will tear for you and we will long for you again to know the song of love again, as you look deep inside of you, just know and realize it is all true. Our love is bounty sure, the God who flows, the God who knows, the God is you and me. The love of heavens' breeze upon the skies of God, below the great divide, our heart will lead the way, to Gods love.


Numinous Flow...from the True Bleu of Me and You!
From the Heart, a Song of Elder Lisping Wise One, our beloved "Eternal Bells" ringing freedom...

Many a moon (reflection) comes to hold my hand and whispers silence in the wind. But the reflection of my heart knows that God is here with me, and you are my enemy, if you don't follow the blue! But if you come home to me, you are my fellow true, the bleu and free and no more an enemy. Even if we are the closest divine and true, the worst of man can find the blue, if you could reach inside to see, the loving hand of God's pure breeze. When sails fill up and catch the wind (fill your heart), then I know God has just begin. Thine hand of love inside and you will only find a guide. This is the way of loving you, just be the love of god that's true!

The moon inside is deep and blue, to rising suns that know are true a burning fire that lies inside of you! And I know the blue of you is true, when the whispers of silence comes home to light a fire, to light the throne (royal-kingsmen blue-heart blood-flesh). And if we hold our mighty hands, then God will take the stand. And if we are the be the doom then I will come to take and zoom (fly fast with the soul). The ride of life inside the wind is always known is always flown, but if you look the other way and don't say hey, the blue of nay, but look the deeper side of near and you will see the blue of me. The love of God is here to stay, when you look upon all your display, the reflection of your light today, will show up on the moon's display. And sunrise and sunsets will be a big show, to bloom and wander along the storm, but if we can hold on to life and die another day, then we shall rise up again to save the distant stave (bowed wood, staff or bow, rainbow, law, song). It is the world of love within, the place that God has never been dim but if you see deep inside and light will burn all the while and here you will display the truth of God's pure love, of God's pure truth, the rainbow is always sure to speak the heart of one is complete.

Heart Songs Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother