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Monday, August 13, 2012

For All Animals

Cherish today, the song does portray. Did you dream a good dream today? Love is a gift, a heart in the sacred mist. And it's all the animals who protect the rifts. Hold on tight, to learn about the right, to descend into this world, as animals fulfill. Get it on hold, to make it all bold.  Love to the places of what we make in the traces (in the darkness of heaven, the light is born, when you begin to dream, the spark is divine and creation begins to chime). Come into me, let the eyes of the sea, where the cat knows (the magnetic trail, where the river flows) which way to go, the sky is bold (this is much like an aqua child, who know the magnetic trail, the crystalline stone river).

And little skunk, you told the worth of the waves, to bring us home, say, "Look at what is coming this way". And it's a worthy cause, to help a foe (younger one who lacks understanding), to teach the world, we are children learning to climb the rainbow (being together, the Rainbow Clan, including animals, plants, rocks and the unseen or the unheard). And when we cry with our tears, we spill oceans of fears (cry for us, to have a blue sea, oceans for us to breathe, the sacred breath, my God "voice" in Animals, the Great Spirit within them, teaching us to swim, many tears spill from them and for them) upon the world that is learning to be born * . We are the animals with the rights, to give a sacred fight, to bring our hearts home each and every day. 

 A (birth) place to gift for the rest of us. You see animals are before plants (descending soul), who stand still, taking what comes, sometimes in the winds, the seeds propagate again. And the rocks, they take all kinds of abuse. Our souls descend, to learn to be more and more forgiving, with each rebirth, eternal life of the soul, right down to cosmic dust. From further out to the center, forgiveness is learned every step of the way. This is the blue road, heavenly virtues and of perfect righteousness, with the astute law of LOVE, the eternal soul descends.

And I walk this way. I will talk this way. I will shriek loud like the eagle* that flies with the crows **. And with deer that swim, inside the oceans winds, jumping up and down, over rolling hills and the sacred stones. We are the children of the valley, where our spirits rise to see, but our souls are learning to descend into the world of harmony. and as we walk this way and we tell our songs, we show you just how to get along.

* The eagle represents the holy force of love, cleansing the rainbow colors and birthing cosmic fire, atoms (purification). Sioux people say Wakan, meaning sacred or holy. Walk On, we are sacred and holy people, "we are all related, the stone people, the plant people, the animal people and the rest of the peoples.

**The blackness (heavenly space) of the crow shows us, where the light is birthed, in Grandmother Dreamspace. We are each connected to this fourth point of darkness in order for our rainbow colors to reflect, gift forth, the great dreaming. Grandmother or Gray children, hold and embrace, molecular trace, the dreamspace.

We are the tiger (trail knower), the bear (star child, Grandfather), we are the wonderful hair **** , where the buffalo (four sacred directions of rainbow colors) roam each other daze (together dreaming). And we find a will to climb like the monkey who touches the sky and the little brown bird that sings her praise. Come let me show you how, the elephant makes her call (over the earth, very long red wave frequency), to tell the other part of this world, we are going home. And when the sharks attack (aim for), saying it's circle at the bottom of this pack (annual spiritual migration) where we share stories enduring of our waves (the soul displays eternal rays).

***Prayer Cloths or Dancers Fringes blowing in the winds, connected together, the sacred tsitsit or blue knots of various designs to signify many trails, along the blue road of heaven, where the great light is birthed, life ever after, eternal gifts. The hair is your antenna to God's streaming, the heavenly blue road, where our tears gift life forever and ever, from our eternal souls for our eternal flesh, the rainbow clan, the manifestation of Mother Earth, the Stars, the Moons and Galaxies, all born to bee (impossible flies), part of the great dream.

Look at the sky the beaks (birds), the wonderful little meeks (mouse), the swirling tongue (lizards), to show you the waves (on the trail of waves or sines, what we call rings or circles). And when we sigh a song, to let you get along, we are the animals making our songs. Hear me cry, like the eagle's eyes (tears I shed for thee, don't tear me up in the seas, the dreaming envisions eternally, show honor to me, holy as the breeze). Hear me fall down, where the rats make a joyous sound. It's packs and packs of, together, at last call. We are the clan of the gathering rolling stones (the trail of crystalline stones, the river of life, each made up of cosmic dust, the inner light, the crystalline snow flake, each perfect, yet unique, all together eternally).

Look at the waking rabbit, who sat on his hobbit (hole builder, the eternal well), to tell a story imbued. None could get along, so we had to make some songs (negotiator), to show you the waves of the eternal seas, look at me (envision dreams). I am making more babies for thee (eternal life in the garden of paradise, the rainbow colors of the family). Come my brothers walk with me into the lands of the seas (blue road of heavenly souls dream), where the turtle cries her tears (gifting to us life). And when the rainbow falls, down where the light waves are called (divine shards of light), deep in the shadows, the little critters know (the great story).

Land of the holy place. Land I gift my grace. Land I fill this world (Mother Earth) to get it moving the right way (flowing with the galaxy, heaven beams show me). And as you learn to grow up, we are the elders who drink from your cup, "Learn to praise, each vow to each day". Dream away. Dream a wave. Ride those skies touch the watery eyes. I gift my life (for all of your device, the holy gift of my life, the servant that is true).

Let it sink in your heart today, the gift the animals portray. The human is older flesh yet younger soul. The animal is older soul and younger flesh, meaning in the physical world, they are like children, but  in the spiritual world of heavenly domain, they are spiritual elders, with much to teach us if we listen to them. With each tear (blue road), we shed new life, the eternal road of the red road (the fire of the rainbow colors).

This sacred song blessings for all the animals. Requested by Dancing Willow Woman. She says,"Firstly I bow to you and humbly submit my heart's cry as a voice for the unheard innocent beings who share this precious earth and journey with us. I plead for their very lives, I beg for their freedom and I cry out for them to be respected. The hideous horror of factory farms must be ceased! I demand this in the name of all that is right, decent, compassionate and loving. " She asks us all to gift 5 seconds a day, with this intention and desire to be fulfilled in this world. Please do not wait one more moment, gift your 5 seconds a day for all the animals in the world.

We bow and bless all will be kept, in our dreams alive as we wept. Resonate your heartbeat, then we will hear the song sow very sweet. 

White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings and Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star Drums, elders of the rainbow clan.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Sacred Song Blessings, gift all a good song, because you are perfect in all that does song. Our hearts reach into heaven, and we flood, with a sound, the music of Angels, that gift us pure sound. I want you to know, that you are part of God, the echo, that lingers till light hits the "Dawn". And we are the magic, that children who know, the heart always has pureness, like the blessed snow! White Buffalo Calf Woman Sings to Let You Know!