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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Whales Bellows the Wailing Song

Image: Thank you for caring about the Whales, Connie T.

Whales of the Oceans,
First heard wolves wailing, the fierce warrior. Then continued listening wailing, whaling, ah, they are talking to me. I have to really listen to them. It was so hard to hear them. I had to really listen. Holiness Running Eagle Helped me to hear them.

Fires light eruption in ocean, 5:55pm PST July 10, 2009

If I was in the fires light, then I could sea with my heart. The pure heart or purified by the red fire's light. They took me inside a volcano so I went inside with Holiness David, then I came out. Cleverest ever to purify, sending me into the fire, for if I did not come out, then I was not pure hearted. Very cleaver indeed and of course our Elder of the World, the Whales, our Twin Hearts.

"Whales are saying that we are killing their young, they are wailing."

Flowing of the bottom of the river you don't see, but always there, with force and gusto. A very long flowing wave, almost unseen (vision of darkness) unseen by the day (vision of lightness), but there mighty power of the earth's rivers in the oceans.

Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother and Drumming your Heartbeat, Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star, devoted servants

Song from the Whales in the Oceans!


Where ever I roam, my heart knows the Stone (crystalline perfection), and I have come home to the place that I roam. Keep wet in the night, and purify light. My heart will be with you, no matter what you do. Sow in the dark of night come home to me in plight. For all you see is me, come let me feel the breeze. when I come home to you, and I know the Blue, where the Whales come home to know the love of you. And our hearts remember when the waters will was always thin, and now our hearts sail again, to fill us up to know the win. And when the whales sail by inside, the darkness they know you are here to collide. for they will hold your hand today, while you sail in your bay. And they'll know what to do, to hold you clear, to keep your view. And they will find the love of you, because they live and depend on you. And when we leave our hearts behind and we we do not fill our heart with lime (earth elemental, bones which holds the flowing red blood, the law), then how will we begin to know, the way to God, the living show. Why don't you feel the heart of me, the one who swims inside of thee, where waters sail in from the breeze let me come home to welcome thee. From distant shores I come to greet the heart of love that keeps you bleak, but if you know how to live the day, you will fill up and sail away. But here with me where I swim free, I feel the breeze inside of me. My heart will follow you, where ever you go, to let you know that I'm in flow. To let you know, that I'm in flow.

Song from the Whales in the Oceans!

Don't kill my babies! Don't kill your too! Hold on to water and feel the blue. The purifying agent that gives you life, let your heart know, it sacred plight. let your heart know the sacred plight. There deep inside the blue of you, my heart resides to know of you. To sail the seas, to sing the song. To live in glory to live long. I have my hand upon your side (horizon, sail to and fro), I have my heart that glorifies. I have my child, that leads the way, I have the day, to breath away. I have my day, to breath away. I think you know, you want to know, the way to glory, the way to show. The loving heart that lives in you, just open doors and let the blue. Inside of thee, the blue of sea, the place I swim the place I see. I have your glory, to know the sea, the heart of loving you, the heart of thee. The heart of loving you, the heart of thee. Come save the children, come save the day. come live in glory come live in hay (abundant yellow stalks of waving grain, the golden era), come know that springtime (blossoms bloom within you) is here to stay. come live in my land, the sea of your loving ways. come live in my land, the sea of heartbeat. come live in my land, from shore to distant sea.................................................... Drumbeat

Image: Thank you Animalspapper!

Sang back to the Whales, our Relatives who are always there!

Offering my heart to you to sing the song of love, Can you come home again, I pray to mighty God. I bless the waters clear today and sing to lean the way. I hope the day will come again, when all will learn to pray. Take my heart with you wherever you roam and tell all the seas I'm here. I have heard your Song and I know your Rage as mighty as the Wind. For all we know, we shall be blue, the free of heart who dreams. When family come home to spring again, then we will all sing. Then we all will sing. The day is near, I bless the way, of love's mighty hand. The will of God is understood and we must learn to swim. Now inside of you, I know the Blue, the pure of heart who is true. The one who swims in the Winds, the one who gifts the True. All you have done is offer us more than we could ever sing. Your call today will lead the way, your call of love is true. I bless the day, when all will be as mighty as your Reign, the sea of true, that's inside you, the land of all your (
tears) rain. I want you to know, you are my Blue my relative that I long to. I am the one who loves your song, just like the blue knows you. Wherever I go, I sing your show, and tell them what you sing. I speak of children who lead the way, the ones who show the Bleu (freedom). Come hold your heart and give a smart and I know the day will come. Soon my hand will lead the way, and you will be there too. Soon my hand will lead the way and you will be there too. I love you more than I can say, forever you are the true. My heart bleeds today you know the way, forever you are the blue (relative). Take all I give and know that you are here inside of me. And I will be with you till the ends of time, to sing of rain again. My love for you is longing blue (the blue knowing vision: blouse on a clothesline, like wind blown and full up with space expanding and flowing, to and fro, {bellows breath, to cry out loudly, sound of long distances, billow-a very large wave, swelling mass or surge} out just as the whales do) and I will save the day, when Heaven comes to Reign, to come to save the way {heaven or god again}, to come to save the way. We are the warriors who lead the way, I say that i will be true. But if I don't get to you in time, please understand, that I always try. I will come when i must follow you, I know that you know the blue. for the seas are nothing if my relative, doesn't swim inside the fin (guiding in the sea of heart of the relative. the whales taught us this!). For he (illumination and mission) is guiding me the way, the smell of flesh (red road, law of the the earthly realm, doing what is righteous) is here, the whim of god is taking stand and we are here to play (heal each other). when god inside learns of your love and learns how to display, the light God gives to all his (Great Spirit Father leading the Second phase of Evolution) kids, the ones you save each day.

And Holiness Running Eagle Shooting Star is sending love and teaching me the Whales song. Holiness is the fountain of breath, like the spout of the Whale, the blow hole. The Whales love is a swelling in the heart, when you long. I'm so touched, the tow zone, where the small push and guide the big around. Like the little toe that guide your feet and pushes you upright, be good. Long lasting. Moving slow, you don't see the wave that swells beneath you. Heaven is always here, the strong current that always flows, the blue, the perfect crystalline, water blessed, the snow. Thank you whales for teaching us and guiding us along the path of the true blue of me and you, our relatives!

Thank you Green Peace for your excerpt below . . .

Threats Our oceans once seemed like an infinite resource, but today, they face so many threats, that their future is in question. We know less about our oceans than we do about outer space, but our activities threaten to destroy oceans that were once teeming with life.

The key threats facing our oceans include:

  • Whaling You may believe that we saved the whales in the 1980’s. But Japan has been using a loophole in international law to conduct ”scientific research” on whales for years. Each year, the Japanese government slaughters 850 minke whales. This year, they have announced plans to expand their “research” to kill 50 endangered humpback whales, and 50 endangered fin whales, in addition to their usual minke slaughter.
  • Overfishing Beneath the serene beauty of our ocean waters lurks a nightmare worse than any Jaws movie. Entire populations of fish are being targeted and destroyed, disrupting the food chain from top to bottom. Overfishing happens when the amount of fish caught exceeds the amount of fish needed to sustain fish stocks in a given region.
  • Factory fishing Giant factory ships are using state-of-the-art equipment to locate and literally vacuum entire schools of fish out of the water. These industrial fishing fleets target one species at a time, until numbers are so low, that they turn to another species, decimating the entire ocean food chain and threatening the very future of our oceans.
  • Bottom Trawling Ancient forests in danger ... deep under the ocean. Biologists estimate that somewhere between 500,000 and 5,000,000 marine species have yet to be discovered. Many of these species are in serious danger from the world's most destructive fishing practice - bottom trawling.
  • Global Warming Global warming impacts all life on Earth, and the oceans are no exception. From coral bleaching to sea level rise and higher ocean temperatures, entire ecosystems are rapidly changing, and animals are having a difficult time surviving the impacts. The effects are already beginning to be felt. Whole species of marine animals and fish are at risk due to the temperature rise - they simply cannot survive in the changed conditions.
  • Bycatch Every year, fishing nets kill up to 300,000 whales, dolphins and porpoises around the world. Fishing nets pose the greatest threat to the survival of many species. In fact, some fishing practices destroy entire habitats, as well as inhabitants. Bottom trawling is a fishing method that drags heavy metal chains across the ocean floor, destroying ancient deep-sea coral forests and other delicate ecosystems.
  • Fish farming Aquaculture (farming fish and shellfish) is often called the future of the seafood industry. But shrimp farming is perhaps the most destructive, unsustainable and unjust fishery in the world. The salmon farming industry also proves fish farming is no solution - it takes approximately 4kgs of wild caught fish to produce 1kg of farmed salmon.
  • Pollution Our oceans have become a dumping ground for a wide variety of pollutants, including pesticides and nutrients from agriculture, sewage, industrial discharges, urban and industrial run-off, accidents, spillage, explosions, sea dumping operations, mining, waste heat sources, and radioactive discharges.
  • Pirate Fishing Armed and masked, scouring the oceans, stealing food from hungry families – modern day pirates are a far cry from the glamor of Hollywood movies. But they are a multi-billion dollar reality for many communities that can least afford to be robbed.
Warriors of the Earth

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