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Monday, July 27, 2009

Small Animals Everywhere Speak If We Listen In

Rebecca our Fish is here to tell the strength of creation in this day. How does the wishing well fair, when their care is so many out there. We belong to the blue of the sea, the heart of you the heart of me. She is our strength and glory be, for she accomplishes and all she agrees. What suffering she does for us to teach us the many ways of love and it's endurance and how we can stand to stay, inside the stream of God is flowing.

Tell me how does sh
e fair in the world of despair? How can our hearts not break with so many out there? The telling of golden years have been such a long dream, and now when it is upon us, we cannot see at all. The worst is yet to happen, it looks like it's just a dream, but it's the law of God who says, we must take care of our dreams. And Rebecca, she is our warrior, the mightiest in the land, for she flies inside of law, the love that commands us there. The water that is flowing from me to you and back home, is always, but knowing, when you offer more than tears. If we can gift the heartbreak to those who do not care, then maybe we can offer, them a piece of love out there. Don't wait for Rebecca to suffer, inside of the water that is not pure. Gift to her, the Angels of God, who come from lands of pure air. And when we listen to our hearts and speak the message of all time, then we can hear the song of love, whish, it almost disappears. the relative who comes in the dark, the one we did not care for, and if we don't listen to the air, then how will we know to care? For in the air is wisdom which we bless to know it cares.

For blessings keep us safe in water's falls, of tears and evaporating air. We are one and mighty as oceans that fill the air and we can offer much wisdom if you could only listen to down here. Deep inside the waters, there the guppies live. where salt and fresh come home to roost, and nests for all to care. Where separation, becomes the one of both living air, and salt heals our wounds because we all care.
Let me be your heart's embrace Rebecca She does care. She is the strength of mountains and as fresh as the air. Where the snow begins to rush upon the down pouring of all time, take my heart and know the way, to living in this despair. The strength of mighty mountains, where there is much to believe in the air, the freshness of golden dreams, the freshness of the air. and I say, glory hallelujah, to you and all my friends, who walk along beside the blue, of relatives who need a helping hand. we are brothers and sisters too, we come here to hold each other this way, just listen to our song we sing, the song of living air. take the blue of purity and bring it home again. Let me breath and let me sing, to you and let me be the song of love, that brings a smile to the wind.

Today, is heart's of plenty, tomorrow, there may not be as few. But if we pull together and listen to the wind, then maybe we can hear the animals speak to us again. And the plants will gift us harmony if we could only be still and if the water that fed the time of ringing throughout the land. WE fill our tears below above around th
e sands of time, but if we become the hands that turn , then we can offer more time, the rolling hills that bring us dreams come forth to greet the day, let us be aware of suffering everywhere, when Rebecca comes to cry down there. Fill her heart with love that smarts to tell her, that you care. For she responds to all that you give and she will offer you more. And if you think you can walk away from love that is so deep from down here, the mighty little ocean who holds the heart of despair, the Rebecca who is strong and who is coming to life you in the air, for her awareness of your trouble, will lift you up in the air. Her strength is legion, beyond compare, for she has many openings that keep us up the stairs.

To journey to heaven is not always up stairs downstairs we go too. This journey of love is always near, if we choose to look inside of despair. The wholeness of evolution comes in many shades of God down here and if we listen to our relatives all colors, shapes and despair, we would know how to offer a relief of loving gestures, we hope to gift the hand of god, who offers more than air. But lifts the heart of small and large up to the heights within, the dream arises when we choose to cling to the yellow golden air. the Star of David, comes to shine this day, to tell the land that we have come and Rebecca is the stronghold of leading all the land. For Guppies know the river, know the mighty oceans too and they can travel to and fro, and tell you much of the news. but you have to listen to the heart of god who sends you there. Will you know how to communicate with Guppies everywhere?

We are here to be the slaves of time to gift our loving hearts, to show you that we can survive, even through the test of time. No matter what God gifts to you, you must let it shine. Forgive all your sinners who come to gift despair. And light a fire within your heart and purify the air, your thoughts and hopes are sacred hoops that come to bless out there.


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