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Saturday, November 6, 2010

The Whale Cries For Thee, Gift Us Liberty

Beloved Relatives,

My heart breaks
feeling all the aches

from relatives big and small
I do feel their call

Embracing the pain
keeps me away from being insane

Floating through me
it helps to set it free

Sending love
flight of the dove

Animals of the earth
we pray for thee

We hear your alert
'set us free'

Today we meet the Whale
showing us a fairy tale

Their song reach the soul
keepers of the whole

Their voice speak out loud
of love without a doubt

Floating on water
unravel the clutter

That keeps us away of who we truly are
From God, from Spirit, We are a star

Blessed Be
elder green person, eye of the storm
rainbow warrior of prophecy

WHALE Virtues
The Whale Spirit possesses the following virtues:
Deeper consciousness, ancient energy and vibrations, family values, happiness and harmony, beauty, balance, beauty, social skills, increased powers of communication, affection, energy, grace, charm, charisma, and intelligence, creation, Power of Song, inner depths.

The whale is the keeper of the Earth's history and secrets. It keeps alive the memories of the legendary motherland of Mu, which was once located in the west of America and to which all Native American tribes trace back their origins. The whale was once the witness of the great disaster to which the motherland fell victim. People who own the power of the whale are often very perceptive and can, with the help of this gift, access all the information that exists in the universe. They often have telepathic powers, but the source of their knowledge frequently remains unknown to them. It is only with time that they realize how to utilize their powers. 

The sound of the Whale teaches us how to create with song, to be self-aware and own our souls. The whale teaches one to find and blend with one's own original sound, because it carries the history of all living beings. It shows that the right frequency can heal and, with the help of the whale, you can learn to connect with the ancient star language that was used for communication before language in its current form was developed. The whale always guides the way to discovering the meaning of your own life. 

A Whale totem teaches you to go deep within yourself, to awaken your inner creativity. But they also teach us not to become lost in our creative imagination, but to live in the real world, and to examine your own use of creativity. Apply your own creative intuition to formulas -- this is what imbues them with power and magic.

Creativity for the sake of creativity is not what the Whale teaches. It awakens great depth of creative inspiration, but you must add your own color and light to your outer life to make it wonderful. 

Thank you, and

The Whale Totem
The Whale Totem symbolizes, the power of the Sea, deep intuition, ancient knowledge, strength and grace and mystical communication. Wales have been the inspiration of many songs, myths, books, poems, paintings, drawings and movies. The Whale is the worlds largest mammal they are very family orientated like their land counterpart the Elephant. Whales can be found in oceans all over the world. They belong to the same family as dolphins and porpoises and possess the same ability as their smaller cousins to communicate with each other trough sounds, vibrations and songs.

Whales are very family orientated and defend and protect one another and their young. Females will travel in groups and encircle and calves in the herd to keep them safe while their mothers dive deep to hunt for food. Whale calves cannot go too deep into the ocean until they have matured enough to handle the pressure of the water. Whales have accurate hearing and vision, they listen for the echoes made from high frequency sound waves when communicated with one another. Each species of whale has its own dialect so that they can tell one another apart. 

Whales are said to be able to sense those with magical powers and can see the good or evil in people. They are very intelligent animals and are sensitive to a multitude of emotions from happiness to anger, and they respond to these emotions in various ways. Whales have been shown to morn the loss of a partner, child, or friend. Because Whales are mammals they give birth to live young. Not an easy task under the water and is usually done in the warmest water possible because newborn claves do not have an insulating blubber layer at birth. Calves nurse for four to eleven months. Whale mothers are very protective and nurturing.

The tale of a Whale makes them the powerful travelers that they are. They are able to use their tails and fins to propel the through the water and make a large splash above the water to announce their presence.  

Whales come in a variety of colors, including, black, white, and grey. They also come in many sizes, the smallest being the Dwarf Sperm Whale which grows to be about eight and one half feet long to the largest being the Blue Whale which grows to sizes of one-hundred and ten feet! Humpback Whales have the most intricate songs and communication system of all the species. Whales have very few natural enemies. The smaller ones or injured do have to fear shark attacks if they become separated from their group, however most are too big for even a large group of sharks to attempt to attack. Their biggest enemy is man who has hunted them for centuries for their blubber, their oil and their teeth.

To watch a Whale, or spot one in its natural habitat is a truly inspirational experience in grace, beauty and magnetism. They are quite awe inspiring and their size is truly intimidating. The Whale possesses many virtues that are powerful and valuable and which any person would be wise to emulate or divine. One who has the power of the Whale will see enhanced insight and intuition; a better sense of self allowing one the ability to use strong self-confidence and communicative powers to make intelligent and informed decisions. Travel, friendship, devotion to family, nobility and grace are all part of this amazing animals totems. 

Whale Animal Pearls are said to impart their particular magical virtues to their owner. Whale Pearls are characteristic of its host; they possess all the awesome characteristics that may be seen in the Whale itself; the dignity and grace of this animal is contained within the pearl waiting for its proper owner to bestow its inner magic to that unique and fortunate individual. 

For century’s shamans, priestesses, spiritualists and practitioners of the occult have used Whale animal pearls to transfer the powerful magical energy of the Whale to themselves and to others in need of this commanding animal magic.

Whale pearls are highly sought after by any wishing to absorb Whale like virtues into their lives and develop stronger mental abilities such as those embodied by this magnificent creature. The owner of a Whale pearl will see their lives, spiritual energy and mental clarity imbued with all of the virtues attributed to the “Ruler” of the Sea, the Whale. 
The Whale animal totem is a strong spirit indeed and its magical properties are one of the most influential of all animal totems. Strength, friendship, virtue, cooperation, and so much more can be integrated into the spirit of the possessor of this magical pearl (lessons turned into treasures) and the Whale totem.
Thank you

Cosmos becoming self aware, in the Eye of the Whale.

End Cruel Whale Slaughter, these are our relatives! Send your prayers to the Wind.  We are depending on you, relatives true. Please won't you take a moment in your life and say a small prayer for the great waters and oceans upon Mother Earth. I bring to you a rescue, Mother Nature does help us, when enough care ... to pray together.


A whale stranded in a Danish fjord has survived a three-day struggle.
Experts had said the whale was ill, and had essentially set up a death-watch.
Thousands of people had flocked to see the distressed whale (prayers answered).
Doom-sayers had long predicted that the lost, possibly ill whale would not live much longer.

A whale stranded for three days on the edge of a Danish fjord suddenly began swimming again Friday, astounding rescuers and experts who had predicted it was on the edge of death. 

Helped by the tide, the whale was swimming "towards the back of the fjord and not towards the high sea, and firemen will try in the evening to point it towards the channel to rejoin the school (of whales)," he said.

Thousands of people had flocked to see the distressed whale at the Vejle fjord in western Denmark as rescuers made repeated yet vain attempts since Wednesday morning to help it return to the water at high tide.

Just hours earlier, rescuers had said they had decided to allow the whale to "die naturally and in peace" and firefighters were spraying it with water to protect it from the sun in what were assumed to be its last moments.

Police spokesman Joergen Jacobsen confirmed that the giant mammal -- weighing up to 33 tons and believed to be three or four years old -- had started moving again.

"It's fantastic, a miracle," witness Lisbeth Blumenkranz told AFP after the fin whale started moving. "I saw it at around 6:20 p.m. (2:20 p.m. EDT) breathing, moving and swimming. Everyone thought it was dying, but it's alive."

Thank you

Small whales’ plight ignored by conservation community

Plataniste or ganges river dolphin (platanista gang├ętica), Karnaphuli river, Bangladesh. Copyright F X Pelletier/WWF-Canon
Disappearing dolphins clamour for attention at whale summit
June 2009. Small whales are disappearing from the world's oceans and waterways as they fall victim to fishing gear, pollution, and habitat loss - compounded by a lack of conservation measures such as those developed for great whales, according to a new WWF report.
Small cetaceans: The Forgotten Whales states that inadequate conservation measures are pushing small cetaceans - such as dolphins, porpoises and small whales - toward extinction as their survival is overshadowed by efforts to save their larger cousins.
Great whales get all the attention
"Although great whale species of the world are by no means secure and still require conservation attention, the situation is just as critical for these smaller, seemingly forgotten species," said Dr. Susan Lieberman, Director of the Species Programme for WWF-International.
Vaquita or Gulf of California Harbor porpoise (Phocoena sinus) caught in fishing nets, Baja California, Mexico. There are just a few hundred vaquita left alive. Copyright National Geographic/Flip Nicklin/Minden Pictures/WWF.
Vaquita or Gulf of California Harbor porpoise (Phocoena sinus) caught in fishing nets, Baja California, Mexico. There are just a few hundred vaquita left alive. Copyright National Geographic/Flip Nicklin/Minden Pictures/WWF.
While great whales are now protected (to an extent) by the international commercial whaling moratorium, in effect since 1986, small cetacean hunts continue around the globe, largely unmanaged and unchecked by the international community.
16,000 Dall's porpoises hunted every year
For example, the hunt of 16,000 Dall's porpoises every year in Japan is considered unsustainable. Yet several of the pro-whaling nations taking part in the International Whaling Commission (IWC) meeting this week object to discussing small cetacean conservation.
"It is time for the IWC and its members to take full responsibility for the conservation future of all whales great and small. The IWC - and the world - must not ignore the small whales of our planet until it is too late," said Dr. Lieberman.
Crippling lack of data - 58% are data deficient
A significant disadvantage smaller whale species face compared to great whales is a crippling lack of data on their numbers and habits. Forty of the 69 small cetacean species, or 58 percent, are classified by IUCN as ‘data deficient', meaning that there is not enough information available to even determine whether they are threatened or not.
"It must never be assumed that "Data Deficient" means that the species is out of danger- rather, it means that the world's top scientists just don't know," the report says.
Only four out of 15 Species, or 27 percent, of great whales are listed as data deficient, even though many of the reasons why smaller whale species are difficult to study also apply to the great whales.
Populations trends - Declining
According to the IUCN Red List, population trends - whether the species is increasing or decreasing in number - are unknown for 60 of the 69 small cetacean species. The nine remaining species are in decline.
Great whales also have more protection in international conservation efforts. Almost all great whale species, for example, have the strongest level of protection offered by CITES - a conservation convention which regulates international trade in protected wildlife species - compared to just 17 percent of dolphin and porpoises species. In addition, the Convention on Migratory Species (CMS) protects 87 percent of great whale species, but less than half of smaller whale species.
Small cetaceans fulfill a critical role in their environment, stabilising and ensuring a healthy and productive ecosystem. They also are part of the highly profitable whale and dolphin watching industry worldwide, which generates over US $1.5 billion each year.
"If small cetaceans are not central to negotiations on current whaling, it is possible that conservation successes achieved for great whales could simply result in a shift of problems from great whales to small cetaceans," the report states. 
IWC 61 runs June 22 to 26 in Madeira, Portugal.  
Please leave comments there or here below, thank you Wild Life Extra.

One last story!

"The Eagle and the Whale"

"Flying high in the sky is the all mighty eagle. Swimming so gracefully through the ocean is the powerful killer whale. The eyes of these majestic creatures meet with the same thought of wonder, what has happened to our home, Mother Earth?" 

The whale speaks to the eagle; the tremendous pods of my relatives have been disappearing at an alarming rate. Can you see them from up there my eagle friend? Whom will I mate with? Will the existence of the killer whale end when I depart from our Mother Earth? 

Please my eagle friend, tell me where they are. 

My killer whale friend, I do not see any of your relative. As a matter of fact I have not seen too much of my food source the salmon. Can you spot any down there? 

My eagle friend, I don’t know what is going on. Everything down here is disappearing. I am not only lonely but I am hungry too. 

My whale friend, I know what you mean. Here on the land, once stood my home, the old growth forest. It too is almost gone along with all the wild life that once thrived in it. I too do not know how much longer I will continue to exist. 

My eagle friend lets look out for each other. I will let you know if I come across some salmon and you let me know if you see my relative, ok my friend. 

You can count on me my whale friend! 

By: Nancy A. Luis April 2003 Thank you

Please won't you take a moment in your life and say a small prayer for the great waters and oceans upon Mother Earth. WE love you, blessed be!

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Come my animals, show us how, to make friends (help one another) across the bow (rainbow clan, parts of the whole).  We could be so loving like this, sow we can learn to plant the kiss (soul greets soul, namaste). Help each other, this is what we do, when we know love, across the view (from me to you).  It's time for miracles, each and everyone, when you realize, you are a living sun! 

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