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Monday, August 2, 2010

Deer and Cat Love Like That

Lisping Wise One, our Eternal Bells wrote:
Had to share this, maybe humans could learn from the animals! Hope the photos come through. Enjoy.

A deer visits a cat in a yard every morning...

There is nothing more wonderful than animals !
This cat in Harrisburg  has her friend that comes to see her every morning.

The owner finally took pictures.
Brought to you, from Lisping Wise One, elder blue person, rainbow warrior of prophecy 

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Come my animals, show us how, to make friends (help one another) across the bow (rainbow clan, parts of the whole).  We could be so loving like this, sow we can learn to plant the kiss (soul greets soul, namaste). Help each other, this is what we do, when we know love, across the view (from me to you).  It's time for miracles, each and everyone, when you realize, you are a living sun! (alightfromwithin)

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