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Tuesday, July 20, 2010

We Pray for Animal Spirits Today!

Animal spirits of the earth
We send you our love,

and help you out of the dirt,

we bless you all.

It is a call,
to hear you speak to all and me 

and set your consciousness free,

So that your spirit can fly high

even when the flesh is meant to die.

Thank you for the teachings that you bring

so that we learn and our hearts can sing.

A bow for you,
a heart so true is what we offer today.  

We pray

Sung by Southern Season, your Song of Heaven
Green Person and Guardian of the Red Road

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy

Warriors of Earth, my heart knows this girth, the place we do roam, under the sun.  We are mortified (pain you suffer) at your love, how you always know how to dug (enduring for us). And we are here to pray, that you are living and okay.  We always love your heart, bigger than any part, because you gift to us, the most exquisite love.  And we are always in your awe, powerful art.  The soul that learns to love, deeply like a sea. We are honored by your breeze.  God set them all free! We share the world not alone, but warriors who know the sun, always helping at any chance, to be hallow upon this ground.  Our animals, do need us, including the loving heart. Sow love your neighbor too, so he will have a clue, to love the animals through and through!

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