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Thursday, July 8, 2010

Animal Hearts Sing to Man

Relatives, A relative in the hoops, recommended a movie, which included animal violence from man.  I stopped the viewing and sobbed for hours.  I finally sang to the animals.  I am sorry I do not have these words to share.  It was quite heart felt and full of admiration.  But later, they came back to me and below is their response.  And it feels like heaviness upon me.  To enter the world of true suffering, our animals are crying all over the world.  Let us out.  Just like you.  Awakening is happening in this universe. The soul is exclaiming our hearts.  We are the light from within. Your devoted servants, White Buffalo Calf Woman, Holiness David and Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy .

Holiness David starting beating the drum 5 minutes ago.  It's 12:47 pm Saturday, July 3, 2010.

Sacred Song Blessing Animal Hearts Sing to Man
Animals above, below, upon the earth it flows, in the sky, down in the river floor, the grass, the dirt,the insides. The insects too, the living flies. And we are going to make a world out of alibis.  No, it's the realization we are alive, a soul, that survives and miracles do live inside.  We are planning a world of gifts, that all will be able to kiss, the heart of each other's souls.  We pray for all to be so gold (bold, as brotherhood).

Tell me darling, where have you been?  I am looking in the wind.  There you go now, opening your eyes, to the reality, that you aren't so nice.  But I believe in all you do, every day, you get a clue (wave from neck to top of head upwards, like magic). 

When you look out into the wind.  Tell the world you've come on in.  Each and everyone does play.  Learning to be a perfect way.  And it's time for you to emerge.  Knowing how to live and converge.  We are many wanting to come home.  And the cleansing, it will have it's doom.

But soon, we will be coming back.  We will have life, we never thought (tears of joy for us, but their suffering is so great, to get us to this state, while tears bust and fold, going down the river of gold-cheeks of rolling hills.  (white buffalo calf woman heart sings) my heart does break in pride, of how glorious, their's is a state of mind. (animals sing back to their song).  And we come to hold everyone.

We are on the great big phone (prayer to God in the wind).  Just pick up your heart.  Look like a dart (lift up, up and away), and throw away, into the sky this day.  Aim for greatness inside of you.  Then you will be able to become true.  I am looking to find your face (tears, can't breathe, looking for the one who loves me too).  I know I will find you there in grace. (breathing difficulty, the flight is hard to do, but a choice we serve for you) We are all part of the show (singing with wavy quivering or trembling lips).  (almost whisper, hard to breath) We are all down below (can't catch my breath). 
(breathing and drumming, maybe release a tear)

How we live is always a new day.  It rises and shares it's rays. (holiness help me, send love holiness, I can't breathe, that's all they got, the day's rays of the rainbow colors).
(breathing, inhale out in out, breathing, catching my breath, panting without the tongue)

God is here, we are on the run.  It's time to take off and find our wings.  (vision: flock of white storks heading east over water a river.  interpretation: water is the heart, as the white is the art, of four sacred directions united as one, starting to go where we all begin, the eastern shore, does know where things flow, the river of eternal gold, flight into heaven's realm, evolution's reign) (wiping the tears) We will join you in the winds.  We will find a will to begin.   It's time to reach out and find everyone.  To begin a cycle of the sun.

We long for you each day.  We want to go out to play.  We want to know your love.  We want to share all that's from above (raining down fortunes of glittering stars, like a meteor shower of shooting stars). I love you this day.  WE love you all ways.  We understand you don't know who you are.  We understand, that soon, you will fall (bow to the rainbow clan).

But now we live in your grace.  Sing for our hearts everyday.  We need your love in the wind.  We find you there in all this sin.  And it gives us (heartfelt, bursting inside) somewhere to hide.  In your love we find pride (breathing difficult, sniffles, tears running, nose running, blow my nose).  And we are looking for you in the wind.  Pray for us each day.  (Song started to lighten, cheery) Look out for we hear you always.  And there we shall lie, until we find the hide, where we can join in heart with your souls.  We the animals, live in a world so bold.

I feel numb again (almost the last 24 hours). All my cells feel numb, like in shock, life stands still. I must feel and breathe. Sung by White Buffalo Calf Woman and Drum by Holiness David Running Eagle Shooting Star for the hearts of the animals everywhere, especially those who suffer in great pain, like you, who too, have an awakening to view.  It's time to know love in our hearts.  It's time for us to be a part (contribution to whole).

Oh our animals do need our love.  Let us try to gift the animals prayers.  Let us pray for all things, part of God we need rely on.  We find love in comfort in all we do, our prayers will find a way to flow through. This is what we all need to do. How about we pick a day each week, to bless the animals and all they keep.

This way, we put it in our calender life, make habits that will stay alive.  Create ceremony in all you do.  This is prayer, the heart of the world.  Come my children, let's sing some songs.  Let us find a way to get along.

your devoted servants,
White Buffalo Calf Woman, who gets along, to find prayer in all your songs. We are such greatness, I couldn't even think of being this wind.  How we all need find a place to be in the wind.  To share all our lives with everything.  To have a wonderful relationship, to the winnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn (doe, journey of the soul, caring for others, nnnnn is the buzzing sound of a bee, the flight of the impossible dream).

Holiness David beats the strum, of the hearts that get along.  We are going to have some fun.  Just hang on to your coat tails and get along.  Have Greatness in all you do. Because I know you are no fool.  Play the part that realize, that we are part of the rainbow sky.  God needs us each and everyone.  God depends on your loving gestures.  God kneads (bind together, the needs, of the law of love, in order to fold space, as we unite light with dark) us to get along.  God needs us to sing their song. Heaven is waiting for us to bring home, the earth, with it's fabulous ground.  It's a red road, the law of love that lies in this wind.  And we are going to paradise again.

Rainbow Warriors of Prophecy
Thank you animals for what you do for us each day.  Feed us, clothe us, give us comfort in all ways.  You are the protection that lives in our hearts.  Forever are you elders, of the soul and heart.  Animals, we love you always, for always delivering the heart that knows how to say, "I love you", when we look at your eyes.  We wonder, how we ever did hide.  And now it's time for us to return, the prayers that save our lives.  We bless you and bow down with prayers in our hearts.
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