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Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Woampa, the Ant Who Seas Light at the End of the Journey, Where the Dark (Heaven) Does Play!

The perilous journey to speak to White Buffalo Calf Woman, the Ant Who sees light at the end of the tunnel, across the blanket, where he enlisted me. Sacred Heart Song he left behind, for all to sea.

What can I say, but I tried to get my way, to find the top of the hill, without reaching the top of the way.  The lights where so bright, and none could of found that day, but you will hear my heart, then I am very found.

I know it seems my life is end, but I say, I have just began, to fill the halls with Heaven sent, for your tears, leaves me here and went. 

The journey of the fall is great, then up to the mountains, we do trace.  And I was, close to be near you, and my life, I gave, to see it through.

Thank you for at least listening to me, when others could have forgotten about me, but you did cry and weep your eyes, and even negotiated, what to do, with surmise.

We took a hold, and made it bold, you gave your promise, to be heard.  And now you are listening to my heart, what a wonderful heart. 

The days are longer, than the night, because there is so much toil in the plight, the nights give us refuge, but what do we learn, if we can't go out there and earn.

The kingdom is greater, than we can sea, the heart of longing in the breeze, and you have given the love, of most, by listening, with intent to the throat.  It's my voice, you hear. It's a transformation, I go to find you near.  And it's what you do to find me, to give us liberty.

Now it's the era of blind do sea, but we must help them up to be, like I gave my life, for you to hear, and you must give yours, to be so bold.  The day, will come, when others must lead, and we must give them room, so we can bleed, and the journey of life, it will be so lords, the place of hearts learn of being so bold.  For kingdoms come and perish in the wind, but our lives, continue, to grow and sin.  And this faithful song, will begin again, to learn of forgiveness, and all the sacred things.

Bless my child, bless everything, the wood, the light, the passing of the spring.  And when the waterfall finds you, give refuge, to know it's all a clues.  The knowledge of heaven, the growth of the tree, the place, we give our lives, to harmony. To be the tall stranger in a foreign land, is to be the fruit, that does land and dance.

Remember me, the ant, who believed.  I came to deliver, this song to thee.  And I hope, you won't forget, the way of the wind, where my heart, will treasure, the time we spent, together, forever, it's all in the dance.  The relatives, we start out, to notice everything, then surely as time passes, we forget, what we bring, the heart of knowing, the song of the wings.

Let us find our way together, forever, and that's for me.  I want you to know, the light in front of me.  I will travel the darkness, to find the light within, to grow and treasure, almost everything.  And that small, treasure, that I can't seem to release, my heart grows fonder, to find some relief.  The justice of everything, that holds my hand, will be the laws of love, every time.

Give treasures.  Receive measures.  Go where ever you believe.  Gift the song, in the wind, where there is a Dawn, the spoken dance, where we do prance, the Ant, who is mighty, and fights to know all.  To search, in the woods, the grove of the trees, and my heart found you, to be with me.  I love thee, my heart cheers.  My greatness I land in thee.  The place I will always treasure, the place my heart sails.

The smallest ant, who gave it's life, traveling upon my neck, it died.  Because I felt an itch, and thought, I needed to scratch, and did not know, that it was an Ant, who did not know.  And often, Ants come to me, to speak to me.  This time, the Ant left a treasure for all to sea (the heart song).  His name is Woampa, Can I Leave?  Only after the breeze!  Follow the flowing heart, then our flesh, shall know the way, he says! 

Commissioned by: California Science Center Foundation
Ants (Family: Formicidae), about Ants:
Ants are eusocial, living within colonies with infertile females (the workers), fertile winged males (the drones) and fertile winged females (the queens). Queens remove their wings when they start a new nest. Ants are typically red, brown, or black. They live underground or in dead wood on all but the coldest continents. Sizes vary between 1 mm and 30 mm. Ants have complete metamorphosis. Queen ants live a few years. Workers live for a few months to a year. Males live only a few weeks, dying after mating.

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